Showcasing the artwork of Patricia Appel


i like to tell stories with paintings

About Me

My Background


I've been in the creative arts all my life. First it was in the performing arts, then graphic design and teaching and now, 25 years later, painting. Although I was a “Sunday Painter” in watercolor media for many years, I’ve now transitioned into acrylics! (Life is about never-ending change, after all!) So I now find myself elbow deep in acrylic media and textures and having a blast! My desire is to create more of a 3-D representation of the scenes I capture which invites the viewer to look in, touch and actually feel the stories that lie within the canvas.

I like to say, i paint stuff!

My Medium


After painting in watercolors for many years, I'm exploring acrylic paints and textures that allow me more flexibility than watercolors used to offer. With the use of acrylic textures like modeling paste, crackle paste and blended fiber I can build my images from the canvas up and apply color pigment onto the already existing textured framework of the piece. When I go into my studio, I  tell my ego to stay in the doorway so I can create in peace.

I just like to say, i create stuff!

My Inspiration


The amazing spectrum of color, rich textures and exuberant lives I've experienced in the cities I've had the privilege to explore, truly captivate me. I am inspired by the spirit and vibrancy in these towns as well as the stories they contain. So when I began to paint with acrylics, I wanted the viewer to feel what I felt when I gazed upon these beautiful 

and compelling sights! 

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